Our Vision

At Ingress-health, we strongly believe that the future of health technology reimbursement in the EU will be based on flexible pricing systems and or provisional reimbursement with corresponding outcomes-based managed entry schemes and health economic evaluations. This belief is based on trends in digitalization of patient outcomes in clinical practice, the increasing number of drugs approved with conditional market authorization by EMA, and an increase in outcomes based managed entry schemes in the EU. This shift from reimbursement to conditional reimbursement requires a change of mindset in the industry as in the past, when developing Real-World Evidence studies, manufacturers often did not (need to) consider the health economic perspective. The Ingress-health team also strongly believes that a lot of products are underutilized because clinical trials did not show their value in terms of e.g. reduced side effects, improved quality of life and or compliance.
Therefore, Ingress-health was founded February 1st, 2015. With Ingress-health combined and integrated health economic and Real-World Evidence expertise and passion for the field, we feel that the Ingress-health team will be successful in optimizing your products pre- and post-marketing value proposition.

Our Values

The Ingress-health team is sincerely curious about our clients, the context of the project and about the product. We are thorough in everything we do. Regarding the project, we at Ingress will consider several different angles before presenting the final result and or approach. The Ingress-health team is confident that we can produce high quality timely results, as such we do offer project pay per performance schemes.
With Ingress-health combined Real-World Evidence and health economic expertise, we are confident that we can find the unexplored value of your product.