Pricing and reimbursement manager EU

“Bart is very passionate about the field of health economics and outcomes research. Bart has a clear direction of where a project should be going and he always keeps his timelines. In case a problem arises, he will not stop until he has found a solution.”

Market access manager

“I worked with Thomas and his team in several studies; we published results of these studies which were based on chart reviews in international journals. I can confirm that Thomas’ team always delivered scientifically outstanding results in a timely manner.”

Head of drug department, German sickness fund

“We worked with Thomas’ team in several claims data analysis studies; some of these also included data linkage with prospective observational data. I can confirm that all projects were done in a very professional and scientifically sound way.”

Nordic health economic manager

Bart is an all-round HTA professional with excellent modelling, data-analyses and mixed treatment comparison skills. He is dedicated to his projects and clients and due to his 14 years of experience leads both the strategic direction of the projects and the content.

Dutch health economic manager

“Bart is a skilled professional who is easy to work with, and always keeps his promises. Once timelines have been set, they will be met! The quality of his work is perfect,  and he is always looking for new and creative ways to solve problems. His personality, his expertise and level of integrity makes it very easy to work with him.”

Global health economic manager

“Bart has a lot of experience in economic modelling and knows the subject intimately. He is extremely capable and grasps concepts and ideas quickly. Easy to work with, Bart will not hesitate to go the extra mile.”

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