Meet the team!

We’re a team of over 40 people based in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. We are always looking for talented and wonderfull people to join our team. Are you interested?

Nishant Research Associate
Ashvita Research Associate
Candice Research Associate
Andreas Associate Director & Research Principal
Ewa Research Associate
Moritz Research Consultant
Lilia Research Associate
Anna Senior Research Consultant
Chien Jhih (Alex) Research Associate
Susi Principal Health Economist
Angeliki Research Associate
Scarlette Research Associate
Rene European Finance Controller
Lydia Senior Research Consultant
Daniel Research Associate
Severin Research Associate
Anke Office Manager
Nadia Senior Research Consultant
Alex Research Associate
Evi Research Associate
Julia Research Associate
Kristina Study Coordinator
Serena Research Associate
Devian Research Associate
Zainab Research Associate
Katherine Research Associate
Isha Research Associate
Tracy Research Associate
Maria Senior Director HEOR
Friso Research Consultant
Donata Research Consultant
Leandro Research Consultant
Eeva Accounts Receivable Associate
Rachel Research Consultant
Sophia Research Consultant
Andrea Study Coordinator
Dyon Communication & Corporate Development Consultant
Jennifer Research Associate
Beatriz Senior Research Consultant
David Research Consultant
Melissa Research Consultant
Andre Associate Director, Research Principal and Econometrician
Yun Research Consultant
Maarten Senior Advisor
Zijiao Research Consultant
Yannan Associate Director & Research Principal
Thomas Principal Scientist
Talitha Research Consultant
Sophie Director & Research Principal
Sabrina Senior Director
Peter Associate Director & Research Principal
Nils Senior Research Consultant
Margarita Senior Research Consultant
Marco Director & Research Principal
Laura Senior Research Consultant
Gaby Office Manager
Andrea Associate Director & Research Principal
Antje Research Principal
Axel Junior Consultant
Bart Vice-President HEOR
Florint Research Consultant
Fränce Associate Director & Senior Research Consultant
Ha Anh Research Consultant
Houcine Research Consultant
We wouldn’t be the same without these amazing people. We are thorough in everything we do. Regarding the project, we at Ingress health will consider several different angles before presenting the final result and or approach.