Ingress-health’s objective, goals, strategy and measures (OGSM) plans help you organize the right health economic and real-world evidence studies for optimal reimbursement and pricing

To determine your best commercialization strategy, the Ingress-health team can help you develop and execute an OGSM plan. The process of creating an OGSM allows your company to:
1) Clearly define its objectives
2) Crystallize key strategies & initiatives
3) Assign owners and due dates and finally
4) Build a one-page living document that can be the roadmap for all future plans
The OGSM methodology was applied by NASA for getting the first man on the moon.

At every stage of your product’s life cycle, the Ingress-health team can help you develop a strategic OGSM to effectively demonstrate and communicate your product’s value. For clinical and commercial teams alike, we provide extensive research experience, industry and regulatory knowledge, and evidence-based tools to help commercialize your product. To determine your best commercialization strategy, we can help you develop and execute:

  • Environmental Scans: Commercial, clinical, payer strategy, and health economics
  • Literature Reviews: Disease, burden of illness, treatment pathway, epidemiology and unmet need
  • Gap Analyses
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • Proven and Projected Value Assessments: Clinical, economic, PRO/QoL value
  • Roadmap: Tactical project and study recommendations for filling the gaps
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