Ingress-health’s understanding of local reimbursement processes in EU, combined with our clinical, epidemiological, medical writing and HEOR expertise help you optimize your Global value dossier

Ingress-health GVD’s present evidence-based messages that demonstrate what your new product brings to the market and how it will be positioned relative to other products. Information is presented so that all users are able to access the sections they need and affiliates can apply the value story to their local markets. Ingress-health can provide GVD’s in several formats, e.g. Word, PowerPoint, RShiny and directly on company’s intranet or SharePoint. Key sections in your GVD include:

  • Value story
  • Disease burden
  • Unmet needs
  • Value of the product (clinical, humanistic, economic)
  • Market access strategy
  • Objection handling

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