Reimbursement dossiers

Ingress health knowledge of local reimbursement requirements help support your products’ reimbursement submissions in numerous countries.

Different health authorities have different reimbursement process and requirements. For instance, the German reimbursement assessment is very extensive and in German language. Success is mostly based on how much additional patient benefit a drug demonstrates. This assessment by German health authorities is the basis for the subsequent pricing negotiations. In the UK, the price is set ‘freely’ but market penetration is highly dependent on whether a drug is considered cost-effective by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Each reimbursement system requiring an individual strategy, different level of evidence and dossier templates. Ingress health with its experienced staff can (help) prepare local dossiers and assist in discussions with local HTA’s e.g. AMCP, GBA, NICE, SMC, TLV and ZI Nederland.

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