Do you have nice study results, but nobody reads your report? Ingress health develops intuitive dashboards for external audiences

With our partner BASECASE we offer a cloud-based platform to develop and distribute value communication apps, based on your, e.g.:

  • Global value dossiers
  • Risk predicition models
  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Budget impact models
  • Meta-analyses

BaseCase apps are in the HTML5 format, and can be used on multiple devices including the iPad.

Apps can be used online or downloaded and synchronized for offline use.


Risk of Cardiovascular disease

Risk of Cardiovascular diseaseCalculator to estimate the 10 year risk of a cardio vascular event or a stroke based on the Framingham study.


Patient Eligibility Calculator

A simple calculator for hospitals to estimate the number of patients that would be eligible for drug treatment.


Medication Adherence

The Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS) is a self-report measure of medication adherence.

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