Are you convinced that patients prefer your product over that of the competitor, but clinicians or health authorities still have doubts?

Ingress-health preference studies can help you assess and quantify patient’s preferences concerning your product and its competitors

The Ingress-health team has substantial experience with several patient preference methods. Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is an analytical technique that is used to compare, prioritize, and select from among alternative strategies or products where many criteria could influence decisions. The technique allows to order preferences of alternative choices based on a score for each alternative derived using a weighted set of attributes or criteria. Several MCDA techniques exist such as discrete choice experiments (DCE), time trade of (TTO) studies, analytical hierarchical processes (AHP) or the MCDA technique by Tervonen et al. The choice of the technique depends on number of interviewee’s available, time and available budget. These techniques can be used for risk/benefit assessments for your EMA submissions, improve outcomes research and inform clinical decision making regarding your product. The Ingress-health team is more than happy to advise you on the appropriate methods, and through our patient access in EU able to conduct these studies across Europe.

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