Pragmatic randomized trials

Local health authorities are increasingly concerned on the real world effectiveness of your products. Ingress health’s pragmatic trials can help you demonstrate comparative effectiveness benefits in clinical practice.

The Ingress health team plans and conducts pragmatic randomized trials for interventions that have a relative benefit that is not captured in clinical trials (e.g. products that are registered based on single arm trials) or difficult to capture in clinical trials (products with an expected compliance benefit) and require randomization for comparative effectiveness purposes.

Pragmatic RCTs provide a realistic compromise between observational studies, which have good external validity at the expense of internal validity, and conventional RCTs, which have good internal validity at the expense of external validity.

The Ingress health team’s aim is to bridge the gaps in the understanding between clinicians and you. Through our network of partners, we have access to the relevant patients in the EU markets.

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