Patient reported outcomes

Health authorities but also clinicians increasingly look beyond the hard clinical end-points to patient reported outcomes. Ingress health develops, selects and validates the right PRO for your product.

There is a growing recognition that the patient’s perspective is an important component of health technology assessment (HTA). This is especially true in countries that prefer disease specific quality of life measures over generic quality of life measures.

PRO results are also important for clinical decision making. PRO measures are particularly important in conditions where the intention is to alleviate symptoms, facilitate functioning, or improve quality of life rather than to cure. For many diseases numerous PRO’s exist.

Ingress health team members have developed PRO’s for estimating causes of non-compliance/non-adherence. We can help select the right PRO for your product and validate/assess its applicability in relevant patients and or develop a PRO from scratch.


eLearning Module – what is Quality of Life?

This app combines the BaseCase platforms applicability to both healthcare and eLearning by taking the user through an interactive storyboard to provide an understanding of how the concept of health-related quality of life is applied to health economics.

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