Chart reviews

Local EU HTA agencies prefer reimbursement submissions (e.g. treatment patters, health economic models and burden of illness) to be based on local data. Ingress health makes sure you collect the right chart data in the right countries.

Chart reviews can help you better understand drivers that are important for the strategy of your product. Through our network of partners, the Ingress health team has access to outpatient/inpatient patient charts in the EU markets.

Chart reviews, separately or in combination with other data sources or prospective surveys, can help you understand:

1) clinical disease characteristics

2) disease progression, survival, and treatment response

3) prescribing patterns

4) health care resource utilization

5) burden of illness

The Ingress health team is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of chart review studies – and is able to include specific measures to deal with these in our chart review study protocols. We are also able to incorporate a prospective element in our chart reviews to e.g. capture patients’ quality of life or treatment preferences.

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