Real-World Evidence

Prospective observational studies

Local health authorities are increasingly concerned on the real-world effectiveness of your products.

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Pragmatic randomized trials

Does your product have an added benefit that is difficult to quantify in a randomized clinical trial? Ingress health pragmatic trials can help you.

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Chart reviews

Local EU HTA agencies prefer local evidence in reimbursement submissions. Ingress health makes sure you collect the right chart data in the right countries.

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Preference studies

Are you convinced that patients prefer your product over that of the competitor, but clinicians or health authorities still have doubts?

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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Health authorities but also clinicians increasingly look beyond the hard clinical end-points to patient reported outcomes.

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Ingress database access

The Ingress health team has access to a variety of EU databases, varying from generic databases (e.g. claims databases) to disease specific databases.

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