Cost-effectiveness modelling

Most EU countries require cost-effectiveness submissions for reimbursement purposes. Ingress health specializes in developing core models for reimbursement submissions.

Ingress health team members have developed various models for numerous chronic and acute diseases (e.g. decision tree, Markov, Dynamic models for infectious diseases and micro-simulation models). We can build these models for primary reimbursement purposes but also for conditional reimbursement purposes based on for instance relative effectiveness data derived from real-world evidence studies. Our EU patient-level data access allows us to develop models in which diseases progression is based on local real world data. Alternatively, we can validate the model predictions by comparing it with real-world data. In addition, Ingress health can also validate existing models by applying standardized validity checklists and we can organize international ad boards with clinicians and health-economists for model validation purposes.


The clinical and economic value of Spinitor

This App is about an imaginary drug, and it demonstrates how you can present a simple value proposition on BaseCase, which integrates clinical and economic data.

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