ABQ-HIV: a unique questionnaire for identifying potential risk factors associated with medication related non-adherence for HIV-patients

Non-adherence to medication is a major challenge in the real-life treatment of chronically ill patients. Therefore, our team has developed a questionnaire (“Adherence Barriers Questionnaire“ – ABQ) which successfully identifies patient-specific adherence barriers and offers patient segmentation for individual adherence barriers. Due to a lack of tools to measure adherence barriers in the implementation of antiretroviral therapy in HIV, the ABQ has been adapted and validated in a German study with 370 patients. The results of this study have now been published in “BMC Infectious Diseases” and be accessed here.

The ABQ-HIV is an easy-to-use and validated questionnaire which is offered under a license agreement. If you are interested in licensing the ABQ-HIV, please contact us at info@ingress-health.com.