Ingress-health ISPOR contributions


On November 10-14, the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, will host the annual ISPOR Europe Conference. The Ingress-health team is delighted to contribute to this event with the following podium and poster presentations and a workshop:


2 podium presentations:

  • Implementation of mixture cure models in a five-state instead of a traditional three-state partition survival framework (Monday 17:00 – 18:00 Breakout session 3, Room: 212 (P2)).
  • Implications on extrapolations when considering general population mortality in the fit of parametric distributions over survival data (Tuesday 11:00 – 12:00 Breakout session 5, Room: 112 (P1)).

1 workshop:

  • Workshop on novel approaches to common challenges in modelling of survival outcomes for cost-effectiveness analyses in oncology (Tuesday 11:00 – 12:00 Breakout session 5, Room: 115+116 (P1)).

And many poster presentations:

  • German claims data analyses on real world treatment patterns and outcomes in oncology (PS V PCN60 B24 and PS V PCN61 B25), osteoporosis (PS V PMS13 L17), epilepsy (PS I PND15 L18), inflammatory bowel disease (PS III PGI1 D31) , and diabetes (PS III PDB24 A23)
  • A comparison of three types of network meta-analyses on datasets with varying degree of proportional hazard assumption violation (PS IV PRM106 H12).
  • Applied (PS I PMU81 F26) and methodological research (PSM IV PRM263 L26) on Discrete Choice Experiments
  • Posters on reviews of HTA decisions with focus on differences across HTAs (PS V PCN321 J2) and with focus on acceptance of methodologies, like advanced NMA methods (PS IV PRM106 H12), treatment switching methodologies (PSM V PCN64 B28), MAICs/STCs (PS V PCN63 B27), external evidence applied in extrapolations (PSM IV PRM80 G21) and advanced survival extrapolation methods (PS IV PRM111 H16).
  • Validation methods of unanchored MAICs/STCs (PS IV PRM241 L4 and PRM255 L17) and on the shared effect modification assumption (PS IV PRM236 K34)
  • Surrogacy of end points in oncology (PS I PMU24 E6, PS V PCN59 B23, PS V PCN66 B30).
  • Framework that explains how to simulate real-world outcomes of therapies based on a unique combination of clinical trial data and real-world data (PS IV PRM15 E30), using the example of advanced non small-cell lung cancer
  • A new framework (DIVE) for ensuring clinical plausible extrapolations while considering different types of information (Direct, Indirect, Validation and External extrapolation evidence) (PS IV PRM138 I8)
  • Quantitative comparison of three methodologies that aim to inform immature survival extrapolations with external data (PS IV PRM141 I11)
  • Validation of the English version of the Adherence Assessment Questionnaire (AAQ) (PS IV PRM208 K6)


For a detailed schedule of our contributions, please click here.