The 51st (EASD) Annual Meeting is taking place at Stockholm, Sweden, 14-18 September 2015. Prof. Thomas Wilke will be giving an oral presentation regarding our recent interesting study “Treatment characteristics and outcomes associated with sulphonylurea versus metformin therapy in incident type 2 diabetes mellitus patients: results of the German CREST study”. In this study, out of 35,661 German incident T2DM patients, only those started sulphonylurea or metformin therapy were studied. After adjusting for available confounders, those received sulphonylurea were at higher risk of death, macrovascular events and T2DM related hospitalization compared to those who had metformin.

Additionally, at EASD, INGRESS-health will be presenting a research poster regarding “Non-adherence and non-persistence related to GLP-1 therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: analysis of a large UK CPRD dataset”. Data from a large UK-CPRD sample (1,905 T2DM patients having started a GLP-1 therapy) show that non-adherence and non-persistence are common in this treatment option, that their extent is similar and, in some cases, lower than in other antidiabetic medications, and that persistence to once daily treatment is higher than twice daily treatment.

We are experts in T2DM Real-word evidence and adherence studies, if you are interested in a detailed discussion, meet Prof. Thomas Wilke at Stockholm at the 16th of september.