The ongoing introduction of novel therapies for MM provides clinicians and patients various treatment options in numerous lines of treatment. Understanding the current treatment practices and the corresponding outcomes in different age groups is of vital importance to understand whether these new treatments should be used in patients from all age groups and where options for treatment optimization exist. To validly compare the effectiveness (OS) of novel vs conventional treatments in first line, propensity score matching was used and also multivariate cox-regressions. The results of our analyses show that in this incident cohort, elderly patients are significantly more likely to be treated with a conventional MM therapy than younger patients. Furthermore, we have shown that elderly patients significantly benefit from novel therapies in 1st line compared to conventional therapies in terms of longer OS using both propensity scores and multivariate cox regressions. Hence, there is a potential to further increase the OS in elderly MM patients. This research was presented at European Hematology Association conference in June 2015.

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